TableDroid - Online Poker Hotkeys, Table Layout, Controllers and Automation for PokerStars, PartyPoker, Pacific/888poker, Cake Poker, Merge and Ipoker


July 22nd 2011

Introducing TableDroid
Toronto, ON - Black Diamond Software (BDS) today hit the online poker scene with TableDroid, the all-in-one utilities software for PartyPoker®. TableDroid is a revolutionary program offering hotkeys; automation features, a customizable tiling engine, as well as support for all USB gamepads and Xbox 360® controllers. Mass multi-table grinders and casual players alike will benefit from the suite of features TableDroid has to offer.

Users will be able to play more tables with ease as well as play with increased efficiency so they can focus on making the best decision for every situation at hand, maximizing their profitability.

The retail price for the software, via their website, is $59.95 USD and includes a two-use license, unlimited access to software updates and product support. A fully featured 14-day free trial is available at
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