TableDroid - Online Poker Hotkeys, Table Layout, Controllers and Automation for PokerStars, PartyPoker, Pacific/888poker, Cake Poke, Merge and Ipoker


  • Play Pokerstars, Partypoker, Pacific/888poker, Cake Poker/Lock Poker, Merge and Ipoker simultaneously

  • Compatible with all games, limits and official themes of the clients above

  • Set tables on PokerStars to different themes simultaneously

  • FREE unlimited use for low-stakes games. For more information, see download page.

  • Customizable hotkeys for betting, checking, calling, folding and all pre-actions

  • Customizable hotkeys for moving tables between grids and for re-tiling tables by blind size

  • Customizable bet amount increments based on BB’s or by chip/dollar amounts

  • Assign Mouse buttons (right click/scroll wheel/back button/forward button) as hotkeys

  • Automatically send typed numbers to betting box on selected table

  • Increase or decrease bet amounts by big blinds using the scroll wheel

  • Create table layout profiles (table size and opening location) for your unique grind

  • Table layouts allow horizontal and vertical overlap of tables to optimize screen space

  • Seamlessly navigate between tables using "Mouse Hover Mode"

  • Assign multiple hotkeys for the same function

  • Intelligent monitor detection determines the location/resolution for all of your monitors

  • Play online poker with any USB gamepad including the Xbox360® Controller

  • Control mouse movement, speed, left and right clicks with your gamepad

  • Optionally enable Auto "Time Bank" and Auto "I Am Back"

Introduction to TableDroid video:

  Download Includes:

  • A Fully featured 14-day trial of TableDroid
  • NEW - Supports PokerStars, PartyPoker, Pacific/888poker, Cake Poker/Lock Poker, Merge and Ipoker all in one program
  • NEW - Continue playing low-stakes tables even after the trial expires! Learn more

If there is a specific feature you would like to see in future updates, please do not hesitate to Contact Us! We would love to hear from you.



Desktop Screenshot

Miniview Window

Tiling Settings Window

Hotkey Settings - Action

Hotkey Settings - Navigation

Hotkey Settings - Bet Control

Hotkey Settings - Advanced
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