TableDroid - Online Poker Hotkeys, Table Layout, Controllers and Automation for PokerStars, PartyPoker, Pacific/888poker, Cake Poker/Lock Poker, Merge and Ipoker


13/09/2014 - Software Update

"TableDroid is now available. Settings windows are now modeless and Ok Pop-ups have been added..." Read More


TableDroid is a suite of tools for PokerStars®, PartyPoker®, Pacific/888poker®, Cake Poker/Lock Poker®, Merge® and Ipoker®; that offers hotkeys, utilities and the ability to play with any USB controller (including Xbox 360®) without third-party software. Users are able to assign keyboard keys or gamepad buttons to control actions, pre-actions, table management, bet options and more. An intuitive user-interface and rock-solid performance make TableDroid the best choice for any serious player. Learn more...
TableDroid is now available for ONLY $59.95 and FREE for low-stakes tables
Never miss a beat with various automation tools at your disposal. Take your multi-tabling volume and efficiency to new heights with TableDroid.
Leave the organization to us. Tile tables as you see fit, sort them by blind level and even specify different settings for as many monitors as you use. This is truly multi-tabling at its finest.
Forget hours of precision mouse clicking. Choose your own custom hotkeys and bet amounts to optimize your grind.
Plug and play with your favorite gamepad or even an Xbox® controller without the need for any third party software. Sit back, relax and leave the discomfort of online poker behind.
The more work that is done for you, the more you can focus on making the best decision for every situation you encounter.
Permanently increase your edge when multi-tabling or pulling long sessions. Increased volume of tables plus longer and smarter sessions means more money in your pocket.
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